Luger is one of Scandinavia’s leading booking, concert and festival organizers. We arrange concerts as agents and promoters with both local and international artists throughout Europe, as well as a number of festivals in Sweden.
Luger started in Sweden and was founded in Sandviken in 1991. However, since 1998 the Swedish office has been based in Stockholm. In addition to their work with artists and concerts, Luger Sweden is also the organizer of the festivals Way Out West, Åre Sessions, Lollapalooza Stockholm (with Live Nation) and Popaganda (with Föreningen Popaganda).

In January 2018, Luger Denmark opened in Copenhagen as a booking agency for Scandinavian artists, and in November 2019 followed suit with the Swedish office when a department for international artists was opened.

Luger’s focus from the start has been to bring new and exciting music that we are passionate about.