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The Danish singer, whose real name is Carl-Emil Lohmann, grew up in a suburban Danish town. He has always been an entertainer, but his career took off when he accepted the demanding leading role in a Danish rendition of “Billy Elliot the Musical”, portraying a boy who breaks free from the expectations of society and sacrifices everything for his dream of becoming a ballet dancer.

A few years after the last curtain call, the young artist made a significant and tough decision: he dropped out of school and started writing songs on a full-time basis to become a professional singer. Upon leaving school, Elliot opened an Instagram account and started recording and sharing cover versions of well-known pop songs. Within a few months, he had gained thousands of followers—and suddenly, he had a sizeable number of loyal fans from every corner of the world.

Here begins a new chapter for Elliot: He is no longer a boy who sings cover songs on Instagram; he is a marvellously talented singer in his own right with his very own compelling voice and sound. After a full year of hard work in the studio, where more than 20 songs have been written and binned, Elliot himself is satisfied with the four tracks on the EP that will, hopefully, pave the way for the young artist.

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